Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic And Cosmetic Dentistry


“Aren’t aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry the same thing?” you might wonder. Both are dental procedures that can improve the overall look of your teeth. There are, nevertheless, significant distinctions between them.


Difference between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry


The following are the main significant distinctions between these two dental procedures:


Cosmetic dentistry focuses on employing dental treatments, teeth whitening, and veneers to improve the appearance of your teeth. While Aesthethic dentistry focuses on resolving dental issues like as replacing a few missing teeth, which not only improves the appearance of your teeth but also restores their function, ensuring you feel more confident about your smile. Because of this distinction, aesthetic dentistry is more dependable than cosmetic dentistry.


Aesthetic dentists employ treatments including routine cleanings, root canals, and fillings or bridges to restore your teeth and make them look natural and healthy. The objective is to provide you with healthy, functional teeth so you may look your best and eat and communicate normally.


Cosmetic dentists useTeeth whitening, braces, veneers, and a number of other cosmetic dental procedures. The goal is to have picture-perfect teeth that are bright, white, and straight.


Your specific dental need will determine if you require cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Sravanthi, our Endodontist, will do a thorough oral examination, and decide the best dentistry option for you.

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